What To Do If My Landlord Wants To Increase The Rent?

With more and more people renting and the fall in supply of properties, rents keep rising.  For many, tenants like to stay put and renew their contracts for another year, but what happens when your Landlord decides to increase the rent?  Do you decide to give notice and find somewhere else, or do you bear the brunt of the increase so you can stay in your lovely home?  You don’t have to do either!  Talk to your Landlord, and see if you can come to a compromise.  Here are some tips:

Check your tenancy - In some cases a rent increase won’t be stated in your tenancy, if this applies to you, make your Landlord aware that legally he cannot increase the rent.  If it states in your contract the Landlord is permitted to increase the rent, read the clauses about when and by how much the rent increase can occur.

Are you a good tenant - From a Landlords perspective, it is costly when a tenant moves out.  They have to get it professionally cleaned, possibly do other maintenance work, and remarket it.  If they’re lucky they will find a new tenant quickly and avoid a long void period, but this is never guaranteed, so for them keeping you there will be much more beneficial! Landlords like low maintenance tenants, who pay their rent on time, and has kept the property in a good condition throughout the tenancy so if you think you’re one of those, then use it as bargaining tool! 

Do your research – go onto Zoopla and Rightmove and see what rents are like for similar properties in your area.  This will give you a good indication on whether your Landlord is being greedy or can actually get what he is now asking for.  It is true that the market changes all the time.  It is more likely that he is able to get some sort of an increase, so maybe try and compromise.  If you can afford some sort of an increase but not what he is now asking for, let him know.  You will probably be able to meet in middle!

As a tenant, you have a lot of bargaining power, especially if you do your research and know your stuff!  All Landlord’s want are good quality tenants who look after their properties, pay their rent, and try and have very little void periods.  If you point these things out to your Landlord, he will more than likely accept a smaller increase!

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