What is the letting introduction fee?

An introductory letting fee is the percentage of the annual rent that will be charged to let the property. Our introductory fee is 8%.


What does the Letting Fee cover?

This fee covers advertising the property, finding and referencing the tenant(s), creation and signing of the tenancy, moving and check-in of new tenant(s).


What does Hornsey Agencies charge for contract renewals?

Hornsey Agencies do not charge for contract renewals. It is important to us to find the landlord the right tenants and do not believe in charging for a renewal contract if the tenant chooses to remain in the property after the fixed period of the original tenancy.


What is the management fee?

Our Management fee is 5%. This is deducted monthly over the year and is an option that most landlords opt for, providing minimal work for the landlord with maximum benefit.


What will you do as property managers?

As your property manager, we shall act on behalf of the landlord with all issues relating to your property. We inform all utility providers about the new tenancy, arrange gas safety and Energy Performance Certificate ensuring the property is up-to-date with all legal requirements. Instruct professional inventory, collection of rent, dealing with all maintenance issues resolving them in a timely fashion whilst informing the landlord of situations and proceedings. Arranging inspections if required. Finalising all bills at the end of the tenancy and inspecting the condition of the property. Returning the deposit including deducting necessary costs due to damages. 


What certificates must I have before letting the property?

It is a legal requirement for all properties to have an Energy Performance Certificate and Gas Safety. If required, we can arrange for both to be carried out at the landlord’s expense. 


How much deposit will I receive and what do I do with it?

Hornsey Agencies require a 6 week Security Deposit for all properties. If the property is non-managed, this deposit will be passed on to the landlord who must ensure this with a scheme authorised by the government within 30 days of the commencement date of the tenancy. For all managed properties, we will hold and secure the deposit for the landlord as managing agents.


Will you carry out a check in and check out?

For both non-managed and managed properties we shall carry out the check-in ensuring the new tenant has moved into the property with no problems. For managed properties we shall also carry out a check-out, ensuring all keys are received, and that the property is returned in the same condition as it was given, noting any deductions we believe necessary from the security deposit due to damage to the property.


Should I furnish the property before instruction?

We advise the landlord to leave the property as it is until a tenant has been found as each individual applicant has different requirements. Once a tenant has been found, deposit taken and referencing accepted, then furnishings can be added depending on the tenants’ requirements.


How can I make my property desirable to tenants?

Making sure the property is in a good condition throughout and is at a standard that you would be happy living in. Providing blinds or curtains for all windows and that all flooring is in good condition. Painting neutral colours will make the property appeal to a wider audience. Professionally cleaning the property will help with both advertising your property when taking marketing pictures, to conducting viewings showing applicants a well maintained clean property. Security is important so ensuring that all locks are in good working order and checking that all electrical devices are working (intercom or doorbell). First impressions are also key, so tyouch up the paint in the communal area, ensure hallways are clear ad maybe tidy up the hedge at the front of the property too.


Should I increase the rent every year?

All tenancies have a clause which entitles the landlord to increase the rent after a period of one year. A rental increase should be judged on relation to the current letting market as well as the quality of your tenant and whether increasing the rent will cause them to vacate.


What happens if a tenant misses a rent payment?

Each tenancy clearly states that overdue rental payments will be subject to interest at the rate of 6% per annum calculated from the date the payment was due up until the date the payment is received. We suggest that the method of payment is clearly outlined at the start of the tenancy so as to ensure that no mistakes are made. If we manage your property for you we will chase the late rent payment within 24 hours and ensure that y


Where will you advertise my property?

We use a wide range of tools to make sure your property is seen by as many people as possible. We use all leading online property portals, our website, our prominent window and TV display to maximise advertising your property.


What do I need to do to instruct you to rent my Property?

The landlord is required to complete Hornsey Agencies instruction form before we can begin marketing the property. This should be done at the time of the property valuation.


What reference checks to you carry out?

Using a third party company called Home let, all applicants are fully referenced carrying out checks on employment, previous landlords and credit check before that are accepted. For more information please see referencing.


What do I do once the property is let?

If chose to instruct Hornsey Agencies to manage your property you don’t need to do anything further we will ensure that the rent is paid into your account every month, we will also provide you monthly statements, carry out inspections, rent reviews and act as the direct contact from the tenant. If you self-manage you must insure the tenants deposit with a government assured scheme, ensure that the tenant has your full contact details and payment method is clearly established, you may also chose to register them with utility suppliers and council tax as well as ensuring that you are always aware of Gas Safe and Energy Performance certificates validity dates.


Is there a charge for the inventory?

The inventory is carried out by an independent company to make sure that the greatest protection is given to you. We ask that upon entering the property the landlord pays the check in and at the end of the tenancy the tenant pays the check out. The fee for this is based on the size of the property and also the amount of furniture provided and will be clearly outlined to you before instruction.


What happens if I decide to sell my property?

If you chose to sell your property whilst it is still under tenancy then you must be aware of a couple of points. If the new owner is purchasing the property as a let investment then you are able to sell subject to the existing tenancy i.e. the new landlord inherits the current tenants and contract and obeys to the terms of that contract. However if the buyer does not intend to let the property then you must be aware that you are also subject to the terms in the contract and cannot break this within the tenancy term.


How much notice do I need to give the tenants?

Under the terms of the contract the landlord requires to give two months written notice as a section 21 to terminate the contract. This can be given on the tenth month to terminate the contract on the twelfth or if there is a six month break clause on the sixth to terminate on the eighth.


What is the standard contract length?

Our standard contract length is 12 months. Some landlords wish to agree a 6 month break clause so the contract can be terminated by the tenant on the 7th month and the landlord on the 8th month at earliest. We will always strive to ensure that tenants have the intention of staying for the longest possible time and pride ourselves on finding a property for tenants that they will feel at home in.


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